Best Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching Services In USA

High-resolution jewelry photos and our best jewelry photo retouching service combined attract maximum potential buyers. 

Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry retouching is a service that makes the metals and gemstones of your jewelry sparkle and shine. High-resolution jewelry photos and our best jewelry retouching services combined attract maximum potential USA buyers. Our high end jewelry photo retouching services are best for use on e-commerce websites as we bring out the most minor details of a piece of jewelry realistically. Our skilled staff, using modern technology and up-to-date photo editing software give your jewelry products their high edit.

  A photographer takes product photos for his own business or e-commerce online store. Then there may be dust scratches on the body of the jewelry product. Metal diamonds or tones may not be sharp. Background removal may be required. The product may require shadows or reflections. Color corrections may be required. All these are retouched by a jewelry retoucher or company using Adobe Photoshop CC, and Lightroom all processes are called Jewelry Retouching Services.

Jewelry Retouching Service with Reflection

Reflection is an important factor in jewelry retouching Service. Jewelry product photos naturally have reflections when photographed. If the background is removed or changed, the reflection is lost, requiring re-creation in Photoshop. Reflecting on jewelry photo retouching makes it look more realistic and vibrant.

Jewelry Photo Retouching with Shadow Making

Shadow making is an important and practical issue in jewelry photo retouching. When a photographer takes a picture with a camera, the shadow of the jewelry products is cast on either side. Buyer sometimes becomes interested in changing the direction of Shadow. Then we need to make a new shadow. The shadow makes the product look natural, which makes the customer more interested.

Natural Jewelry Photo Retouching

Natural jewelry retouch is a part of jewelry photo retouching that does not change the color of the metal, does not change the color of the stones, but only cleans dust and scratches. There is no need to create reflections and shadows. Overall nothing much needs to be changed.

Jewelry Photo Retouching with Color Change

When a buyer brings a jewelry product to the market, it comes in white gold or silver, rose gold, and gold colors of the same style. It is necessary to take a good picture of a particular product and make different colors of the same product. This gives an opportunity to attract more customers and the sales trend of the product increases many times.

High End Jewelry Retouching Services

High end jewelry retouching services is a type of retouching that is done by highly professional retouchers. Fine spots on the body of jewelry products, unwanted holes, discoloration of metal and stones, etc are solved with utmost care in every aspect. Color changes, metal enhancements, stone replacements, shadows, and reflections are required. Rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, and any other jewelry products require high end jewelery retouching to bring out their true beauty.

You have questions. We have answers

You may have many questions about jewelry photo retouching. We are ready to answer every question. We want to understand you better before taking any order. In addition to good work, we are interested in building good relationships with buyers. Feel free to ask any question you have in mind.

Send me a direct message if you have any questions or concerns about if my offer is perfect for you and what type of package you require for your project. If you’ve already decided on the right package, just place your order and finish the required steps to get started.
In spite of this, RAW (unprocessed) files are best for editing because they do not lose details during the editing process. If you don’t have it you can provide JPG, JPEG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, CR2, RAW files.
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yes, I have an expert design team. All of them are highly skilled. I take custom orders from 100 to 500 pictures.
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Jewelry photo retouching is very important for your website and any social media. Because No one will want to buy or see a picture you have made unless it is beautiful. That’s why it is important to work.

Yes! I will ready to do your sample work.
All photos or images are proudly created in Adobe Photoshop, so you’ll get 100% the copy rights.
Source/PSD ( Adobe Photoshop ) Jewelry Retouching files are the editable versions of the photos which are highly used for editing & printing purpose.
For BASIC package order, it is 4 hrs. For STANDARD and PREMIUM package, it is less than 12 hrs.